Happy 2nd birthday to you Honey !!!!

when i was about to go to sleep yesterday i sneaked a peak into my parents room, where my mom and my dog (honey , she’s a cocker spanial) were all cuddled up under the blanket
…i do envy her …
it reminded me of the first time we brought hon to our house we tried to make her sleep in a cozy cardboard with a blanket and she was sooooooo obstinate !!!
she was keen to sleep on the bed ..
the prob was that my father did’nt approve it then ..
(and today they both cant sleep without each other !!) soooo each day one of us used to sleep with hon in HER bed but no way ….in the morning whether you are on the bed or not she will be there (my parents bed )…….she was one naive dog !!cant believe how fast the time passes by ……… seems like yesterday that we had brought her to our house ….and (presently)……………. the day after tomorrow  you are turning 2   !!!!