Will you miss me when I’m gone?

A few days back, when I was sitting on a bench in an unusually quiet park reading my favourite Greek mythology novel suddenly (at that moment, i thought) I saw a huge ball of cotton running towards me, it sprang up on me and I was like ” whoa!” (truth : i screamed).It started licking me like crazy. i started scratching him behind his ears playfully. After a few minutes his owner came running, apologizing. my little friend was Bosho, a 14 year old sheep dog. i could’nt make out half of what his owner said but i came up with a conclusion –

the owner’s elder sister who was Bosho’s favourite went to college a few weeks back and Bosho missed her……..So when he saw me he thought i was her and he got alittle too excited.

On my way back to my house the incident kept lurking in my brain. I thought when i go to college will my Honey miss me?