the answer to my question!

Remember the post ‘will you miss when I’m gone?’ since I had my 11th grade hols I went to grandma’s for a few weeks. Alone. Honey had to stay back with mom and dad.  I missed her, obviously, a lot….. though I was a little skeptic about honey’s feelings. Some nights, before I went to sleep, I used  to deem of  Honey thinking about or missing me. Stupid. I know.  So just like that two weeks went by and while coming back  to delhi (after  being  pampered to death by my grandma’s  food and more), on the flight I was on verge of cracking because it was the first time I was away from my parents for so long  and not to forget to mention my dear little Honey! (can you keep a little secret? Nah never mind …..hahahahah those were evil laughs). When we landed and got off the plane I ran to the luggage belt, swooped up my suitcase and literally ran out of the airport. I saw my mom standing in front  of a café with Honey nowhere in sight! I frantically asked my mom where Honey was, she said Hon was with dad in the car. *sigh of relief*. So as we were nearing the car I could see Hon was staring at our direction. And when we reached the car such that the only thing separating me and Hon was glass and metal (read: window), she started scratching it as if she was about to pounce on me, which she did. She started to lick me like *wordless*…….. at that moment I realized how much she missed me. I could feel a little tear come up to the edge of my eye.

PS : she has been sleeping with me in my room ever since……….

Chewed up !

                                                        One day,when I reached  back home after school I saw Honey had chewed up my mobile !!!!!!(the mobile was gifted to me by my grandpa……it was barely 3 months old….)I did’nt know what to do, whether to cry or… I went hades on Honey. she must have got pretty scared, because she did’nt come to me all evening! this wasn’t the first time she chewed up my stuff or me going hades on her, she is two years old and i have no clue why she still chews on our stuff.                One of my possible theory is she might be getting frustrated because we leave her alone in the house in the mornings, mom and dad go for work and I go to school so to ease herself she might chew  stuff, Any other possible theory…????